Canine's Canyon

We love Canine's Canyon. Our dog, Duke, has been going there for daycare and boarding for over 5 years. He always gets so exited when we tell him where he is going. And, when we pick him up, he is always smiling ear to ear. The team at "CC" gives us peace of mind when we are away on trips. We always know Duke is being very well taken care of. We are very thankful to have Canine's Canyon in our lives.

- The Vamvakas (Duke)

At Canine's Canyon, they don't just take care of your pet, they really care about your pet. We've been taking our dogs there for doggy daycare and boarding for several years and they've seen us through various ups and downs of being a pet parent. They treat our fur babies as if they were their own and that is a huge confort when we're traveling, or just away for the day.

- The Bergers (Odlo and Fraser)

Top Reasons Why I Love Canines’ Canyon: By Snuffles, The Crazy Yellow Lab
  1. I get to go almost every day (I’m spoiled!)
  2. They play ball with me - my favorite!
  3. I get to play with all my friends
  4. I get to meet new friends
  5. There are lots of yards for me to run in and lots of smells to keep me busy
  6. Everyone knows how important the ball is to me
  7. The staff even lets me snuggle with them in the yard when I'm tired
  8. When I do want to go to sleep, there is soothing classical music to help
  9. My sister, Amiga, gets to go, too!

  11. And, the Best Reason I Love Canines' Canyon is...My mom and dad get a break – I can be high maintenance!

The management and employees at Canines Canyon are much more than dog sitters. They are sensitive, caring friends who take good care of not only our dogs, but us, too! They always have time to lend an ear or a hand to help us. We are very grateful for their dog sitting services as well as their friendship!


24060 Hwy 40 · Golden, CO · 303.526.9212 ·

 Monday - Friday    6:45 am - 7:00 pm
 Saturday   6:00 am - 5:00 pm
 Sunday   6:00 am - 5:00 pm 

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