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The management and employees at Canines Canyon are much more than dog sitters. They are sensitive, caring friends who take good care of not only our dogs, but us, too! They always have time to lend an ear or a hand to help us. We are very grateful for their dog sitting services as well as their friendship!
Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Canines’ Canyon: By Sophie, The Crazy Yellow Lab
10.  I get to go almost every day (I’m spoiled!)
9.   They play ball with me - my favorite!
8.   I get to play with all my friends
7.   I get to meet new friends
6.   There are lots of yards for me to run in and lots of smells to keep me busy
5.   Everyone knows how important the ball is to me
4.   When I get to have a slumber party, my girlfriends and I do our hair and talk about boys
3.   When I do want to go to sleep, there is soothing classical music to help
2.   Uncle Billy dances with me every night

And, the Number 1 Reason Why I Love Canines' Canyon is...My mom and dad get a break – I can be high maintenance!
Sophie (the yellow lab) and Carlos

Charlie loves to go to Day Camp. Everyone treats her "special". Each recognizes Charlie's specific needs, as she was an abused dog we adopted from the Dumb Friends League a few years ago, and has "issues". She loves to sit in laps and she is allowed to do plenty of that at Canine's Canyon. When she stays overnight, she does not have to stay in a crate all the time; she really hates crates. They let her play during the day, just the same as when she goes for day camp. These ladies and gentlemen really love Charlie and take special care of her!


Your home is my favorite place to play and stay for both doggie day care and for boarding. I have made so many doggie and people friends there and always have the best time. I get so excited to go and am sleepy when I go back to my house from playing all day. Mom says the rates are very competitive especially when I bring my new border collie brother to play and stay too.

I wouldn't want to board anywhere else! - Segan


Dear Auntie Natty, My Mom and Dad told me you were interested in what I think about Canines Canyon, and I told them it's the best! Last summer when they went to Europe for a while, you took very good care of me. I was happy and ate my food, played in the yard, and was rested when they came home - - You even gave me a wonderful bath so I could crawl right into their big bed ! Thanks so much for taking such good care of me - - I always like to visit ! ! Teddy Gardner - - Two-year old Labradoodle


The Joy of Anticipation... starts when we reach for our coats. Bella and Sheeba, our two year old black labs, know something is up. Tails wag, and eyes are full of excitement. Smart as can be, and full of anticipation, their rambunctious, audacious, young Labrador Retriever blood begins to pump. Of boy. Oh boy....Oh boy.....We're going bye-bye! We're going to Canines Canyon where all of our buddies are running and jumping and, and, and.......

So we jump in the car and head on out. Within a mile of the place, excitement builds again, theirs and ours. They get to play, and we get to leave them at a place that is safe, and that they love. We were convinced from the day that Canines Canyon opened. The ample space to run, the clean and well designed facility, and the love the owners showed for the precious pets of others made up our minds for us.

They go to you poised, spring loaded, and ready to rock their four legged world....They come back home ready for a nap. Something magical must have happened along the way. Our two labs are as different as night and day and you recognize and know them. They are friends to you and we thank you for that.


Ahmed has been coming to Canine's Canyon almost since the day you opened for business. He grew up coming to daycare several times a week, and along with his cat brother Monty, has also boarded numerous times. He always comes home in a good mood and tired from his day of play. Likewise, both animals do very well when boarded and adjust rapidly.

Although we have since moved out of the Genesee area into Denver, Ahmed still comes up the hill a couple of times a month for play, baths, and pedicures, and comes home shiny and sweet smelling!

Of all the outstanding care and services offered, the one that immediately comes to my mind is the constant care and observation that the staff provides to the animals. The staff is very sensitive to suspected physical or emotional issues in a dog, and takes immediate action to determine if there is indeed a problem. The dog receives whatever comfort, attention, and care that it needs until it goes home. Likewise, the staff always reports on the dog's behavior after their day in doggie care when mom or dad comes to pick them up.

For example, one day while Natty was giving an Ahmed a bath, she suspected that he had an infection, and I gave my permission for him to be checked by the vet the following day. The next day while he was in daycare, Dr. Rebecca Malleck, of Genesee Veterinary Hospital came to Canine's Canyon to check out him out, she determined he did indeed have a problem, and left medication. That evening, I picked up Ahmed (and his meds) from daycare, went by the veterinarian's office to pay the bill, and went home. All of this great service happened without any request for it from me, and while I was at work, saving me much time, and possibly missed work as well.


Our Experiences at Canines' Canyon: By Ranger & Honey O'Brian (Jack Russell Terriers - yes, we can write)

We joined the "Canines' Canyon family" shortly after their opening in 2006. We go for two play days a week - mainly because as Jack Russell Terriers, we have a lot of energy and get bored at home while Mom and Dad are at work and we only get a short walk at lunchtimes. Also, Honey needs to be around other dogs to be more social (she might not agree with this part). She enjoys the other dogs and plays well with them now and most of the time lives up to her name.

The owners and staff at Canines' Canyon treat us like we are members of their family and love us very much - this surprises Mom if we have exhibited some of our precocious natures during our day there. She gets a report each day of how we behaved. We recommend that this practice be stopped immediately!

Ranger is learning commands in Spanish from one of our favorite Canines' staff members - Mom says that's a good thing since he doesn't seem to know them in English!

Mom and Dad both say that when they go on vacation that they never worry about how we're doing or how we're being cared for. Going to Canines' Canyon is a vacation for us! We can't wait to get there for play days or vacations - sometimes we scratch at the outside door to get in quicker. WE wouldn't go anywhere else and neither should you!


Natie and Bill and everyone in the back are just God-sent for us and our boys (Moses the Angel , and Shiloh the Devil). The compassionate way you all treat our dogs, and the others dogs we see, is simply wonderful. We bring any possible business your way that we can - we refer (the Browns and Kirlins for sure), we board the boys with you, we love your doggie-daycare (twice a week), and much to your dismay (with Shiloh !) we use your fantastic grooming skills too! We have also started feeding the boys your Kumpi dog food, and may buy a doggie bed or two if you have any big enough! We also took your puppy classes with Lisa Knowles , when Moses was little. Suffice it to say that Canine's Canyon is reliable, comfortable, friendly, safe and well-rounded for everything we need for our big black fluffies.


When we adopted our dog Zoe she was unsocialized and a bit wild. We've been taking her to Canine Canyon daycare for the past six months and she has learned to mingle with other dogs positively. The staff at Canine Canyon knows each dog's personality and does a great job handling them with care and discipline.


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