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We designed our kennels with our dogs in mind, so we know you'll be happy with your buddies slumber rooms. Although all sleepovers will spend minimum time in their slumber room, rest assured this is the best sleepover the foothills have to offer.

Overnight guests mingle and socialize with day care dogs all day long. At the end of the day, they retreat to their slumber room where a comfortable raised doggie cot awaits them. We pipe in soothing classical music to help them rest quietly.

We feed our boarding buddies twice per day (9:00-10:00a.m. & 5:00-6:00p.m.) Our dog kenneling area has 41 indoor 4'x5' dog kennels and 3 10'x10' family suites. All our dog kennels are Pfeifert soft coated kennels and have no exposed chain links - anywhere.

Nice clean kennels

We require full vaccinations for both dogs and cats, including bordatella every (6) six months for canines. We cannont accept one year bordella vaccinations. All canine visitors over 6 months old must be neutered/spayed to stay with us. Space provided, we do make some exceptions but in tact pets will have to be isolated.



Our cattery is furnished with cat condos and can board up to 9 cats comfortably. The cattery has 2 large windows to bring in natural sunshine for cat naps, bird watching, day dreaming and all ows for dog watching. A revolving bright fish light keeps cats mysteriously entertained and a tall cat-scratcher allows for naps outside of the condos and some mandatory nail scratching. More importantly, we have installed a highly effective air transfer system to help our felines breathe fresh clean air all day long. Happy cat in cat condo



Health and safety of your pets being our priority, our building is climate controlled with in-floor heating systems. Additionally, we have installed an air transfer system that creates continuous air exchanges inside the building.

Our total outdoor square footage of 7500 square ft, has been divided into 3 large play areas of natural mountain environment. We separate dogs based on temperament and compatibility. And yes, we do have time out kennels - one in each play area. Our complex is completely fenced and weather providing; your best friends will spend most of their time outdoors.

Dogs having fun

In a full day of day care, your buddy will get tons of love; including, but not limited to hugs, ear scratching, belly rubs, petting, 2 legged walking, dancing, running, playing, swimming, jumping, people laps to sit on and any other kind of unconditional love they so deserve. They will be supervised at all times and will literally have 'run of the grounds' - doggie playgrounds that is.

You, in turn, will have peace at home with a tired, worn-out and happy pooch - a tired pooch is a happy pooch and a happy pooch makes happy humans!



We'd like to welcome a "bather/grooming" married couple, Ken and Patty Hernandez.

They will be easing into the grove and will be available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays along with alternate Mondays.

For availability, please call our main number at 303-526-9212.



At your leisure, please take a few minutes to browse through our retail sales area. We carry a variety of basic pet supplies such as healthy snacks, training collars, leashes, toys, beds, and a few unique speciality items. Some of our brands are: Kong, Earth Dog, Planet Dog, Ruffwear, West Paw, Guardian Gear, AKC Toys, Lux Pet Products, Spiffy Dog Collars, Kumpi Dog Food, Natural Balance Dog Food Rolls. We also have a small supply of greeting cards and some hand painted cards by local artists.

Additionally, you will find small supplies of the same grooming shampoos, conditioners and brushes used by our groomer to keep your buddy fresh and clean between grooming.

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